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Project Kickoff: Laying the groundwork for Euler

I joined the Euler project, a platform that simplifies DeFi lending and borrowing. My task was to design an intuitive user experience that demystified complex financial transactions for everyday users.

My Role in the Euler Project: UX Research and Design Facilitation

Stepping into the Euler project, my focus as the UX researcher was to create a bridge between the advanced capabilities of a DeFi lending and borrowing platform and the user-friendly experience that customers expect. The team looked to me to ensure the design was grounded in deeply understanding our users’ needs, behaviors, and preferences.

Addressing the Challenge: Simplifying DeFi for Users

The primary challenge in the Euler project was to dismantle the complexities of decentralized finance (DeFi) and present them in a way that was accessible and user-friendly. This task was pivotal, considering the notoriously intricate nature of DeFi transactions, which often acted as a barrier for new and even experienced users.

The complexity of the user flow in the existing system was a critical issue. New users found navigating through the lending and borrowing process challenging, leading to frustration and, ultimately, a high drop-off rate. The platform needed a significant overhaul regarding its user journey and interface design.

I aimed to simplify the user experience without compromising the platform's advanced capabilities. This meant creating a balance between simplicity and sophistication—a straightforward design for beginners that did not alienate users looking for in-depth financial management tools.

To tackle this, I had to go deep into the world of DeFi, understanding the technical aspects and the user psyche—what intimidated them, what they found confusing, and what could make their experience smoother. This challenge was about aesthetics and creating a seamless, end-to-end experience to encourage user engagement and build confidence in using the platform.

Other Pain Points Identified

  • Complex User Interfaces

  • Lack of Clear Guidance

  • Security Concerns

  • High Transaction Fees

  • Insufficient Support for Advanced Users

  • Poor mobile experience

Challenges and Pain Points

One of the main challenges was navigating the platform

  • Specific User Challenge: Users consistently reported that existing DeFi platforms were too complex and confusing to navigate, leading to frustration and decreased usage.

  • Solution:

    • Designed a streamlined onboarding process with step-by-step tutorials to guide users through the platform.

    • Integrated contextual help features and tooltips that provide real-time assistance as users navigate through different sections.

    • Conducted multiple rounds of usability testing to ensure the interface was intuitive and easy to use, incorporating user feedback to refine the design.

  • Some of the users noted that "The new interface is much easier to use than before"

  • Impact: 85% of users reported positive experiences with the interface, confirming the effectiveness of the design improvements.

From Wireframes to Hi-Fi: Crafting Euler's Interface

This process breathed life into the initial designs and ensured they met user needs and technical feasibility.

1. Developing Initial Wireframes: The journey began with the creation of low-fidelity wireframes. These wireframes were the skeletal framework of the platform, outlining the basic layout, user flow, and interaction points. They served as the first visual representation of our abstract ideas and concepts for Euler.

Usability Testing Insights: Refining Euler's User Experience

These tests offered direct insights into how real users interacted with our design, highlighting areas for improvement and validating our design choices.

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Product Design

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